WSOP Matt Shihadeh update:

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Matt Shihadeh has finished his WSOP Main Event run in 345th place.  He has won $33,734 and is thrilled.  He has no hand regrets and played fantastic poker through out the event.


Great job Matt!  We are proud to have had you on our MEM 2014 team!

WSOP Update: Matt is IN THE MONEY!!!

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Following the break, action reached hand-for-hand and found an extremely exciting bubble-hand. Pocket Queens vs. pocket 5s, the board came out Q-5-5-7-4. All the money, naturally, went into the middle and Queens full was crippled by quad fives on the bubble!


@MattShihadeh is in the money! Following the action on the WSOP web site HERE.

WSOP Update: Day 4 is under way

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Matt Shihadeh started Day 4 with 155,000 and has held his ground going into the break. Players will come back to Level 16 (2,500/5,000 – 500 ante), and Matt is sitting with 169,000. With the field down to 703, and payouts starting at 693, he is in great shape to make the money.

Earlier in the day, Matt was involved in a hand with Daniel Alaei. Holding pocket 9s and a 9-7-5 flop, Daniel led out with 15k and Matt raised to 45k. After thinking about it for a bit, Daniel said, “I’m making a big lay down” showing his Jacks and Matt scooped the pot.

Follow the action by clicking HERE, and follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh

WSOP Update: Matt Shihadeh continues his run

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Action will resume at 12pm today with Matt sitting on a very healthy 155,000 chip stack. The tournament clock was paused with 53 minutes left in Level 15 of Day 3 and only 53 players left to eliminate before the money bubble bursts. Matt’s Day 4 seat assignment is shown below, but you can follow the action live on Let’s keep a strong virtual rail in cheering Matt into a WSOP Main Event cash!

CLICK HERE for live updates and chip counts.
You can also follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh

Day 4 Seat Draw

WSOP Update: Day 3 has been exciting for Matt Shihadeh

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From a field of 6,683 entries, the remaining 1,053 players in the 2014 WSOP Main Event have returned to the felt from dinner break in Level 14 (1,500/3,000 – 500 ante). Matt’s stack is 182,000 which is just over the tournament average. At one point he had ran it up to just over 290,000, but is still very much in the running to reach the money.

CLICK HERE to follow the action through live updates.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh

WSOP Update: Matt Shihadeh making a big move

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One of our three World Series of Poker Main Event players has made a huge run today, taking his starting stack of 46,750 up to 139,000!

Matt is posting updates on Twitter – follow him at . You can also find updates and chip counts on the WSOP web site, although Matt is not yet ‘officially’ followed by the reporting staff.

Dan Parks has also made an excellent showing today, running his starting stack of 20,125 up to just over 44,000! We’ll post more updates on both players as soon as we get them.

Harrison out, Parks and Shihadeh play Day 2 today

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Richard Harrison made a heroic comeback from a short stack of 21,700 starting Day 2. He ran his starting stack up to about 55,000 chips before this hand developed at the very end of Day 2:

With blinds at 600-1,200 with a 200 ante, an early position French player who had been very active raised to 2,400. Richard reraised to 5,000 in late position with pocket tens, his opponent called and they saw the flop heads-up.

The flop was Ax Tc 8c. Villain bet 6,200, just under half the pot. Richard raised to 14,000 and Villain called. The turn was the Qh and Villain moved all in for an amount that had Richard covered. Richard thought about it for a long time, and finally decided that the player most likely didn’t have one of the two hands that would have him in very bad shape (AA or QQ). He called. Villain turned over Ac Qc for top two pair and the nut flush draw. 

Preflop, this matchup is almost even – Richard’s TT is about 54% vs. Villain’s AQ. On the flop, Richard’s hand rockets to 68.4%, and the turn adds a few points in Richard’s favor – he’s a 70.5% favorite (2.4:1). Unfortunately, the river 2 of clubs dealt a cruel end to Richard’s WSOP hopes.

Matt Shiphotohadeh was at a very aggressive table throughout his Day 1. There wasn’t a single pot that was limped preflop.

In one of Matt’s first hands, with blinds at 50-100, he was in the hijack position (two places before the button) and raised to 300 with QT. The button, who Matt identified as a pro, called. The flop was a dream flop for Matt’s hand – AQQ. Matt decided to check and let his opponent bet, which he did, betting 400. Matt called. The turn was a blank. Matt checked again, his opponent bet 800 and Matt check-raised to 2,000. His opponent called and they saw the river, an offsuit 8.

At this point, Matt said he felt a “weird vibe” from his opponent. He checked, and his opponent bet a suspicious 1,600 into a pot that was now 5,550. Matt called and his opponent rolled over Q8, having overcome a 77%-23% deficit to win the hand. This took Matt down to 25,000.

With blinds up to 100-200, professional player (and chess grandmaster) Jennifer Shahade raised to 450 and Matt called in the big blind with pocket 8s. Matt checked the A82 flop (including 2 diamonds), Jen continued with a bet of 600 and Matt check-raised to 2,000. Jen called, and then called another bet on the turn of an offsuit J. Matt chose to check the river, Jen bet 5,000 and Matt called, taking down a big pot (Jen showed AJ for top 2 pair).

In the 150-300/25 round, Matt raised to 750 in the hijack seat with JT offsuit and got one caller on the button (the same pro that he lost the QT hand to). Matt bet 1,600 into a pot of 2,250 on a flop of J 8 4 with 2 hearts and the button came along. He bet 2,200 on a blank turn, and the button called again. Matt chose to check the river, giving his opponent the opportunity to bluff. He did just that with a missed flush draw; Matt called and took down a nice pot to take him to just over 52,000.

After the final level of the day, Matt ended with 46,750. He is playing Day 2 now; we’ll post further reports as we get them.


Dan Parks was also at a very active table for Day 1, typical of a WSOP Main Event table. In Dan’s case, though, he had a lot more players who were willing to play any two cards, as opposed to solid pros who just play a lot of hands. He bounced around between 20,000 and 30,000 in chips, and was around 25,000 when a player in early position raised to 675 and Dan looked down at AA. Dan made it 1,200, and the early position raiser took it up to 3,200. Dan read this as substantial strength, possibly a hand as big as KK, and decided to move all in.

The player went into the tank for a VERY long time. He finally exposed the 2 of diamonds. Dan said, “You four bet me with pocket deuces?” The player finally folded, telling Dan that he “was suited.” This took Dan up to around 30,000; however, he ended his Day 1 bagging 20,125.


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