Tax reporting of online poker winnings

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If you have won an individual prize valued at over $100 other than restaurant certificates, hotel stays or rounds of golf, you recently received an email from us about tax compliance. We are only the messengers here, so please don’t shoot.

Barona Freeplay Online Poker is owned and operated by the Barona Resort & Casino. We are subject to the same tax regulations as the Casino, which includes aggregating prizes worth more than $100 and then reporting the win to the IRS if the total is over $600. There’s nothing we can do about this – it’s Federal law and required by the IRS.

If you have a reportable win, you should consult a tax professional to determine how to report it on your taxes. If needed, Club Barona can produce a win/loss statement for you – go to Club Barona on your next visit, or click here for more details.

“Meet the Hosts” live tournament is a hit

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Every month, the hosts of Barona Freeplay Online Poker invite players to a meet-and-greet called Meet the Hosts. Most months, Meet the Hosts is an hour of players getting together to chat, trade bad beat stories and eat pizza. We sometimes give away prizes, promotional chips or other goodies, and a good time is always had by all.

On August 13, we decided to try something different. After the Meet the Hosts hour ended, we invited our players to a private tournament in the poker room. The buy-in was $30 with no entry fee (thanks to Poker Room Manager Tim Malinoski), and we added $300 to the prize pool.

29 players took us up on our offer, creating a prize pool of $1,170 including the added money. As an added treat, the tournament was dealt by HostSharon, HostDennis and Poker Room Manager Tim. We paid six places, with 7th place taking home a Barona beach chair as a bubble bustout gift. When the tournament got down to six players, all agreed to an even chop despite some wide variance in chip stacks.

The tournament was so popular that we’ve decided to bring it back next month! Please tell your friends, and bring a friend to our next Meet the Hosts on September 10 at 6:30pm.



WSOP Matt Shihadeh update:

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Matt Shihadeh has finished his WSOP Main Event run in 345th place.  He has won $33,734 and is thrilled.  He has no hand regrets and played fantastic poker through out the event.


Great job Matt!  We are proud to have had you on our MEM 2014 team!

WSOP Update: Matt is IN THE MONEY!!!

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Following the break, action reached hand-for-hand and found an extremely exciting bubble-hand. Pocket Queens vs. pocket 5s, the board came out Q-5-5-7-4. All the money, naturally, went into the middle and Queens full was crippled by quad fives on the bubble!


@MattShihadeh is in the money! Following the action on the WSOP web site HERE.

WSOP Update: Day 4 is under way

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Matt Shihadeh started Day 4 with 155,000 and has held his ground going into the break. Players will come back to Level 16 (2,500/5,000 – 500 ante), and Matt is sitting with 169,000. With the field down to 703, and payouts starting at 693, he is in great shape to make the money.

Earlier in the day, Matt was involved in a hand with Daniel Alaei. Holding pocket 9s and a 9-7-5 flop, Daniel led out with 15k and Matt raised to 45k. After thinking about it for a bit, Daniel said, “I’m making a big lay down” showing his Jacks and Matt scooped the pot.

Follow the action by clicking HERE, and follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh

WSOP Update: Matt Shihadeh continues his run

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Action will resume at 12pm today with Matt sitting on a very healthy 155,000 chip stack. The tournament clock was paused with 53 minutes left in Level 15 of Day 3 and only 53 players left to eliminate before the money bubble bursts. Matt’s Day 4 seat assignment is shown below, but you can follow the action live on Let’s keep a strong virtual rail in cheering Matt into a WSOP Main Event cash!

CLICK HERE for live updates and chip counts.
You can also follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh

Day 4 Seat Draw

WSOP Update: Day 3 has been exciting for Matt Shihadeh

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From a field of 6,683 entries, the remaining 1,053 players in the 2014 WSOP Main Event have returned to the felt from dinner break in Level 14 (1,500/3,000 – 500 ante). Matt’s stack is 182,000 which is just over the tournament average. At one point he had ran it up to just over 290,000, but is still very much in the running to reach the money.

CLICK HERE to follow the action through live updates.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter: @MattShihadeh


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